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In the past couple of years, many homeowners across North Carolina have been experiencing financial distress. Many NC homeowners have lost their jobs, or their work-hours have been reduced, and others have been subject to increasing interest rates and reduction in the value of their home. Many homeowners give up when they receive foreclosure paperwork. But there are ways to stop foreclosure and retain your home. The foreclosure defense lawyers at Soboleski Law, PC are experienced in fighting for the rights of North Carolina homeowners.

Stop Foreclosure in North Carolina

The sooner you call Soboleski Law for a free consultation regarding your financial situation, the more we can do to help. Please call us even before you get behind on payments. You do not have to be in foreclosure to qualify for assistance under President Obama’s Making Home Affordable plan. And, even if you don’t qualify under the federal guidelines, individual lenders have other programs that may help homeowners stay in their homes.

The banks DO NOT want your home!  They are motivated to work out payment arrangements with homeowners who can make reasonable monthly payments.  Soboleski Law, PC can assist you in your negotiations with your lender and will work to save your home.

If it wasn’t for [Jane Soboleski], there’s no way that we would have been able to keep our home. We are thrilled with the work she did for us and would gladly recommend her and her associates to anyone. (Client Testimonial)

North Carolina Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Can Help Fight The Big Banks

Having a foreclosure defense lawyer on your side can make a big difference.  There are many scam artists and illegitimate “foreclosure consultants” out there who make big promises with regards to loan modifications. Many charge a bunch of money, but don’t deliver.  Some use President Obama’s name or appear to be affiliated with the government or even may portray themselves as a law firm when no attorney will ever handle your file.  If you go into foreclosure, only an attorney licensed in North Carolina can appear at your foreclosure hearing.  An out of state attorney will have much difficulty trying to stop foreclosure if you are already in court.

Consumers should know that only an attorney licensed in your state, (or the state where your property is) may charge an upfront fee for “Mortgage Assistance Relief Services”.  So, if anyone other than a North Carolina licensed attorney asks you to pay an upfront fee for “Mortgage Assistance Relief”, it is against the law.  We caution you to beware of these scams, and check with the state Attorney General’s office or the state Banking Commission in your state if you suspect that the company that you are dealing with is not working in your best interest.

Thanks to new consumer-friendly legislation, banks are now willing to work out Loan Modifications for NC residents, and in some cases Refinance Loans, allowing consumers to keep their homes.  In North Carolina, a licensed foreclosure defense attorney is the best choice for homeowners facing foreclosure.

  • BEFORE YOU DEFAULT, or go into FORECLOSURE, contact us and we will communicate the bank or mortgage company on your behalf, and help you get back on track. If you are already in Foreclosure, Legal Representation is even more crucial.  You will need a North Carolina law firm to stop foreclosure proceedings.
  • CREDIT PROBLEMS? Soboleski Law, PC offers Credit Repair Assistance to assist you in removing inaccurate and outdated information from your Credit Reports by enforcing the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Contact us to find out more.
  • Take advantage of the New Home Buyers Tax Credit, and allow Soboleski Law, PC to assist you with your Residential Real Estate Transaction. We also handle Refinance and Construction Loan transactions.

Our North Carolina Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Have Experience dealing with the “Big Banks”.  You are not just a “number” to us.

For more information, and to have a North Carolina Foreclosure Defense Attorney review your situation, Please fill out this form to see if we can assist you. One of our attorneys will get back to you within 24 hours.


Client Testimonial:  May 9, 2010  To Whom It May Concern:  When we first contacted Soboleski Law, PC, Jane Soboleski immediately went to work on our behalf and was able to get straight answers and concrete steps that we needed to perform to get our modification on track.   Jane was with us through every step in our modification and foreclosure processes and was able to not only get our loan permanently modified but also had the foreclosure proceeding dismissed.  If it wasn’t for her, there’s no way that we would have been able to keep our home. We are thrilled with the work she did for us and would gladly recommend her and her associates to anyone.  – Charlotte, NC

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