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Soboleski Law is a North Carolina consumer law firm based in Asheville, NC, serving clients statewide.

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Our new address is: 53 N. Market Street, Suite 4, Asheville, NC  28801**

Our law firm is passionate about consumer protection law and we enjoy assisting clients in protecting their rights across the State of North Carolina.

At Soboleski Law, we concentrate on assisting consumers with issues relating to their most valuable assets, their homes and their automobiles.

Foreclosure Defense for North Carolina Homeowners

When the real estate market declined, many of our clients were contacting us and looking for ways to avoid foreclosure on their homes.  Currently, a large part of our practice consists of foreclosure defense and pursuing affirmative lawsuits against mortgage lenders and loan servicers. Soboleski Law has a knowledgeable and friendly staff that takes pride in assisting homeowners, and we look forward to assisting you.

Soboleski Law is committed to helping distressed consumers and homeowners in these challenging economic times to enforce their rights and become educated about the options that the new laws and regulations may provide.  Call us to discuss your situation with your home or investment property, or submit your information through our Foreclosure Online Case Review.

Read more about Foreclosure Defense.

NC Lemon Law & Automobile Fraud

Sean Soboleski, Esq. is an experienced civil litigator and consumer rights advocate who has counseled and assisted thousands of North Carolina residents with “Lemon Law”, automobile fraud and other consumer law claims.  Being licensed by the North Carolina State Bar for over 15 years, Attorney Sean Soboleski has the experience to enforce your rights against the “Big” automobile manufacturers.

If you feel you have purchased a defective automobile or have been defrauded in the purchase of a motor vehicle, please review the information on our site and submit some quick information through our  NC Lemon Law Online CASE REVIEW.  We will notify you within 24 hours if we can assist.

No one likes to experience problems with their vehicle. However, most consumers don’t know that in North Carolina, the lemon law provides protection for vehicle owners if their vehicle cannot be fixed by the dealer or manufacturer after a “reasonable number of attempts”. If you qualify under the North Carolina Lemon Law or the Federal “Lemon Law”, you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle or your money back. Soboleski Law provides free case evaluations and can inform consumers quickly whether they have a case – whether their car is a lemon. This law also applies to recreational vehicles (RV’s), boats and motorcycles. Even if you have a used vehicle, and may not qualify under the NC Lemon Law, there are others laws that may be enforced.

Don’t continue to be frustrated with your vehicle and its repeated repairs!

And, don’t let a dealer tell you that you don’t have a lemon“.

Talk to an attorney who is experienced with the NC Lemon Law.

Lemon Law and automobile warranty cases sometimes require that a case be filed here in North Carolina.  Some national “Lemon Law” firms advertise online, but operate out-of-state, and have no actual office in NC.  If your attorney does not have an office here, the auto manufacturers will know that you lack leverage until you hire a firm with a presence in North Carolina.  This is why it is important to hire a local attorney to handle your Lemon Law claim from the start.  Call our office today or submit your information through our online form and someone will contact you within 24 hours for your free consultation.

If you qualify under the North Carolina Lemon Law, you will never have to pay for our services.  You can submit your information for a NC LEMON LAW CASE REVIEW  . In most cases, our assistance is at NO COST to you. For successful lemon law claims, the manufacturer pays your attorney’s fees.  Contact Soboleski Law at 828-285-8888 to speak about your situation.

~Soboleski Law, PC is a North Carolina Consumer Protection Law Firm.  We look forward to assisting you.~